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Middle School Students White Water Rafting

7th and 8th Grade (Middle School)

Everything about Hudson Montessori’s Middle School is designed to meet the unique needs of growing adolescents. Middle School has its own “hive,” North Campus, which gives students space to call their own—and plenty of room for independent work and group projects.

Middle School is also a time of transition. To prepare for high school, students learn to write lab reports. There are more group lessons and unit tests. But students still have choice. For example, in Peace Studies, students are required to research a conflict—how it started and resolved. They’re able to choose one that interests them, such as World War II, the Women’s Movement or Civil Rights.

















Middle School Student Beekeeping

Hudson Montessori middle school graduates are the most academically well-prepared students we see at our school. The education they receive at Hudson Montessori is superb.

Admission Director, private high school

Middle School Students Drawing
Middle School Students at Farmers Market

Students learn ownership and independence along with the much-touted 21st century skills: critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, and creativity and innovation.

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