The Montessori approach provides a “prepared environment” for children. This means that every object in the classroom is chosen specifically for this age child. Set in a safe and beautiful environment prepared just for you and your young child, your child is free to explore and learn by experiencing the classroom materials and the other children—a critical component of their early education as they learn to interact with a familiar group of peers on a regular basis.

In the weekly Parent/Infant classes (newborn through 18 months), parents will learn how to recognize stages of child development and how to best stimulate growing brains.

The class is facilitated by an experienced Montessori teacher who serves as a guide and model for parents and infants as they explore the environment, offering practical examples of how to follow through with learning experiences at home. Topics include language acquisition and development, development of fine and gross motor skills, brain development, sleeping, nutrition, toilet training, preparing the home and more. Expectant parents, parents and babies alike will benefit from this Parent/Infant class series designed to follow children’s natural tendency to explore the well-prepared environment around them, and introduce parents to the benefits of observing their babies in an intentional way.

Each session is offered with an orientation (adult only) and classes where parents or caregivers are present.  Children as young as newborn up to 18 months are invited to join, as well as expectant parents.

This class is offered on Mondays from 8:30 am to 10:00 am.

Our Parent/Toddler program was created for your toddler (18 months through 3 years) and a parent/caregiver to attend together.

In an exploration of the world around them, children and adults will navigate this early learning experience together, making choices of how they will participate in play activities, story time, cultural activities (art, music, science) and snack time.  Not only is this a wonderful time for your toddler to interact with others, but also a time for adults to discuss topics which are of interest to parents of young children. 

This class is offered on:

Mondays from 10:15 am - 11:30 am OR
Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 11:15 am OR
Fridays from 10:00 am to 11:15 am

NEW! Toddler 2-Day Drop-Off Class

We are very excited to announce that we are adding a new class to our Toddler Community. Beginning in the fall we are offering a two-day, drop-off class for your child if they are two years of age by November 1st, 2019.  You can look forward to a cozy, welcoming classroom that will provide your child with the tools to gain self-confidence as they work independently at their own pace. As with the current Parent/Toddler classroom, the space will be carefully prepared to meet the needs of your developing 2-year-old, with inviting materials and activities that are accessible at the child’s level and a small child-to-teacher ratio.  The class will start on September 4, 2019 at 8:30 - 11:30 am. The class will occur on Wednesdays and Thursdays through May 28, 2020 and will follow our school calendar. If you would like to learn more about this class, please contact Michelle Lazor at







The parent/toddler class is one of a kind in this area. It is personalized and professional...and a great way to meet other parents. 


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