Huck and Madeline - Hudson Montessori School

1st through 6th Grade

Students in our Elementary program are divided into Lower Elementary (ages 6 to 9) and Upper Elementary (ages 9 to 12). Lower Elementary capitalizes on children’s innate inquisitiveness. The focus is not on memorizing facts but rather on understanding concepts and how to learn. Teachers serve as expert guides as children delve deeper into math, science, literature and language, and history and geography. Children also continue with explorations in Spanish, art, music and physical education.

Upper Elementary’s global curriculum expands students’ awareness of their place in society and the world. A discovery-based approach hones their research, reasoning and communication skills. Executive functioning skills such as time management, organization and setting reasonable goals are priorities.







Teachers respect each child’s individuality. They look at them as people, not "kids."



The outcomes of the Elementary program are independence in action and thought, a sense of moral and social justice, curiosity and an abiding confidence and love of learning.

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