Max Rosenwasser

Max attended HMS from Children's House all the way through the Middle School program and then went on to graduate from Western Reserve Academy and Brown University. During his time in high school, he helped found the Gay-Straight Alliance, served as captain of the Riflery Team, and volunteered at the Math Tutoring Lab. Max has shared that "at Montessori, you build a strong sense of community and are taught the importance of giving back and contributing to that community to your fullest ability," and this led him to become so engaged in campus life. At college in Rhode Island, Max continued to build communities as a Residential Peer Leader (RA) and captain of the Providence Ashwinders Quidditch Team. He also chose to double major in Computer Science and Classics. While perhaps a strange combination to some, Max embraced the seemingly different disciplines and sought to intertwine them through Computational Linguistics and research on the Digital Mapping of Ancient Rome. Growing up in a Montessori classroom, Max always felt encouraged to explore varied interests and find the connections between them. 


In 2017, Max moved to Los Angeles to become a high school math teacher through the Teach for America program. He still works in his Title 1 placement school teaching both math and computer science. He feels particularly proud of increasing the opportunities for students to learn Computer Science during his time there. "Over the past 4 years we have gone from no computer science to now having 2 Intro classes, 1 AP class, and we are very close to achieving gender parity," Max shared. He hopes to continue teaching students and training his dog, Marlo Brandon, for many years to come. 

"I am thankful for the opportunity to serve on the board as an alumnus of the school that was so formative in my educational and personal development. Montessori taught me that there is a moral imperative to share your gifts with the world and in service of the community. I hope to further Hudson Montessori School's mission of providing high quality education that fosters critical and creative thinking in the next generation of our world's problem-solvers."