Strategic Plan Update 1/18/19

Dear Hudson Montessori School community,

This the second of a series of communications leading up to the State of the School meeting on Thursday, February 7, 2019. As review, the Board of Trustees adopted a Strategic Plan last spring. Illustrated by the image below, the Strategic Plan reaffirms our school's mission, declares our values, establishes a vision, and outlines important strategic imperatives.

I am highlighting work occurring within each strategic imperative. Taken together, this work will ensure that the school is moving towards its vision consistent with our values and mission.

This update will explore investing in passionate and effective faculty.  The initiative focuses on maintaining one of the most important parts of HMS:  our faculty.  As one person said during one of our many listening sessions last year, "The Montessori philosophy without talented teachers is just words on a page."

This work is focused in two broad areas.  A brief overview of these areas and a sample of some of the steps we are taking in each follows below:

  1. Ensure that faculty and staff enjoy a work environment that recognizes them for their contributions to the children of HMS and supports them in their growth as professionals and individuals.
    • Providing Guidance and Support in Teaching:  As noted in the last communication focused onSustaining Program Excellence, Abbie Wexler, as Director of Teaching and Learning, and Adam Ladd, as Middle School Director, are working with faculty to reflect on their presentation of lessons, interaction with students and maintenance of a prepared environment – a critical part of the Montessori philosophy which ensures that the child's developmental and learning needs are met by the space in which he/she learns.
    • Maintaining Robust Professional Development Opportunities:  The Board of Trustees continues to allocate ample resources for individual and group professional development opportunities.  Our teachers are able to find opportunities to reflect upon and improve their teaching.  For example, we will have a majority of our teachers attend major professional development conferences offered by theAssociation Montessori Internationale and the American Montessori Society.  
  2. Identify and prepare future Montessori teachers to accommodate natural turnover and/or expansion of our program.  
    • Partnering with Local Higher Education Institutions to Increase Awareness of Montessori:   Unfortunately, the Montessori philosophy is often a footnote in many teacher education programs.  This ultimately leads to smaller numbers of Montessori teachers.  Work is occurring this year on a long-term goal of connecting with local colleges and universities to expose new teachers to the power and impact of this educational philosophy

This work is directly impacting your child's experience at Hudson Montessori School and helping him/her grow into the person that is embodied in our school's vision – one who is a lifelong curious learner, a courageous and compassionate leader and a student of humanity.  It is also positioning the school for years of future success because of our talented and committed teachers.  

If I may answer any questions about this email or have feedback on how we can continue to improve our engagement with you on our strategic plan progress, feel free to email me at or call me at 330-342-7236.


Matt Virgil