Our Teachers and Staff

Our faculty is the dynamic link between the children and the classroom environment. In addition to undergraduate and graduate level degrees, classroom teachers at Hudson Montessori School have Montessori certification through the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) or the American Montessori Society (AMS). Faculty are committed to modeling lifelong learning and HMS supports ongoing professional development for all faculty and staff.

The lively academic community models the concept of life-long learning and is dedicated to meeting the developmental needs of the students.


Our care of the children should be governed not by the desire to 'make them learn things', but by the endeavor always to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence.  - Dr. Maria Montessori



Young Children's Community

Young Children's Community Assistants

Children's House

Kate Angelini

Titles: Children's House Teacher

Mary Blatnik

Titles: Children's House Teacher

Jennifer Case

Titles: Children's House Teacher

Jocelyn Haag

Titles: Children's House Teacher

Children's House Assistants

Kayla Dureiko

Titles: Mary Blatnik's Assistant

Amanda Hedrick

Titles: Jennifer Case's Assistant

Meghan Morley

Titles: Jocelyn Haag’s Assistant

Kori Peetz

Titles: Kate Angelini's Assistant

Katherine Giorgi

Titles: Kate Angelini's Mid-day Assistant

Helen Isaacs

Titles: Jennifer Case's Mid-day Assistant

Jill Richards

Titles: Mary Blatnik’s Mid-Day Assistant

Tomomi Takatori

Titles: Jocelyn Haag’s Assistant


Wendy Debroka

Titles: Upper Elementary Teacher

Hannah Irvine

Titles: Upper Elementary Teacher

Lisa McGinnis

Titles: Upper Elementary Teacher

Kim Barsella

Titles: Upper Elementary Teacher

Abbie Wexler

Titles: Lower Elementary Teacher

Laura White

Titles: Lower Elementary Teacher

Elementary Assistants

Elizabeth Wargo

Titles: Laura White's Assistant, Montessori Teacher in Training

Erica Holman

Titles: Lower Elementary Assistant to Abbie Wexler

Lisa Leary

Titles: Laura White’s P/T Assistant

Karen McDonald

Titles: Abbie Wexler’s P/T Assistant

Lisa Pierce

Titles: Upper Elementary Assistant

Middle School

Huck Ford

Titles: Director of Middle School

Lauren Brown

Titles: Middle School Teacher

Dawn Fenicle

Titles: Middle School Teacher

Before / After Care

Chris Frantz

Titles: Coordinator of After-Care & School's Out


Laurie Householder

Titles: State Licensed Spanish Teacher, Computational Thinking Lab & Computer Science Teacher

Educational Support Team