Our Graduates

Hear From Hudson Montessori Alumni

Hudson Montessori School alumni are prepared for the future that awaits them.  They are:

  • Poised and confident young citizens
  • Creative and collaborative problem solvers who understand the interconnectedness of ideas, information and action
  • Academically prepared, intellectually adventurous, inquisitive, and intrinsically motivated
  • Joyful in their pursuit of excellence
  • Articulate and able to communicate powerfully through the written and spoken word
  • Courageous and compassionate leaders who respect diversity and work for the common good
  • Actively involved in protecting the natural environment locally and globally
  • Students of humanity, understanding the continuum of the human experience and their own place (and potential) to forward peace within the world
  • Authentic individuals of exceptional character and integrity
  • Active participants in the writing of their own story

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