Thank You To Birthday Book Participants

Thank you to these families who generously donated books to our HMS library in honor of their child's September, October or November birthday.  The children are always excited when new books show up in the library!  Your contribution will enrich the reading lives of our students for years to come.



Kate K. - The Youngest Marcher, Henry's Freedom Box, Josephine, and Harlem's Little Blackbird

Aydin A. - Salt in His Shoes and How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday


Matthew H. - The Big Book of Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids

Elizabeth H. - 101 Amazing Facts about Kittens and Cats

Cristian L. - The Playbook


Thunayan A. - The Lion and the Mouse

Zoe A. - The Wolf in the Snow

Lucinda J. - Peanut Butter and Cupcake

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