When it comes to education, what do you want for your child?

Hudson Montessori School offers a close-knit community, one where students are known and learn at their own pace. Our approach capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and encourages skills such as thinking critically, persisting through problem solving and making connections across disciplines. Working on teams and independently, students are guided to achieve their personal best. They leave HMS well prepared for high school and beyond.


















We follow the child, helping each discover what he or she loves. Then we support them as they dive into their work, letting them own their learning.



We nurture children’s natural curiosity by designing individual lesson plans. Because students participate in putting that plan together, they’re driven by their own internal motivation.



We honor the excitement and pride students feel when they’ve mastered something difficult—whether it’s tying their shoes or solving multi-variable equations. Then we guide them to the next challenge.



We believe students learn best in an environment where they’re known for who they are and appreciated for what they contribute to the community.  


Meet our Teachers

“We are impressed by the respect teachers show each child, the child-centered environment and materials, and how our son’s interests allow him to direct his learning experience.”

Alumni Profiles

Nayan Shah

Nayan Shah is something of a Renaissance Man. Asked about his time at HMS, his recollections run the gamut. "My favorite project was the unit we did on different aspects of Hudson history," he recalls. "My favorite after-school club was Tae Kwon Do.

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Max Rosenwasser '09

After graduating from Brown University where he majored in computer science and Latin, Max Rosenwasser '09 hopped in his car and headed west. He wasn't going home to Ohio, however, but farther west—Los Angeles—where he was accepted into Teach For America. 

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Samantha Friedmann

At heart, Samantha Friedmann is a citizen of the world. With her family, she's visited seven countries in Europe, as well as the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. But her appreciation of other cultures extends well beyond traveling abroad.

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Mikayla Sharp

Mikayla Sharp is always on point — whether she's performing as a dancer in one of Denison University's Dance Department's productions or persuading a classmate or teacher through skills honed in the Speech and Debate Club at Gilmour Academy.

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Zachary Bloom

At HMS, Zachary Bloom was always on the run. From the track and cross country teams to sprinting to classes, he was always heading toward the next golden opportunity. After graduating, he went on to Western Reserve Academy, where he was an award-winning member of the track

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Megan Lavins

At HMS, Megan Lavins loved that she could explore different topics and discover her interests. The micro economy program sparked a passion for business—one she pursued at Theodore Kent Roosevelt High School.

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