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Education in music is critical to the development of the whole child. Beginning in Children's House, HMS students have access to music training in their home classrooms through singing, poetry, tone matching and  listening to various styles of music. They attend  live performances throughout the year. They also attend music class once per week to receive more in depth musical training through poetry, songs, instrumental exploration, movement, and dance to develop basic musical skills. Children's house students perform at least twice per year in a concert setting.

Lower Elementary students further develop the foundational musical skills taught in Children's House by attending music class twice per week. Skill in note reading, note writing, music theory, solo singing, part singing,  basic keyboard knowledge, recorder performance, ensemble performance and creative exploration, and social dance serve to deepen their understanding and ability in music. Students learn music created by  master musicians of various cultures. Lower elementary students generally perform twice yearly and attend live performances. 

Upper elementary students begin studying a string, woodwind or brass instrument where skills in music learned earlier are synthesized in order to create music with others in meaningful ways. Many students study their chosen instrument, or another instrument such as piano or guitar, with a teacher in addition to their experience in music classes at HMS. This enriches and accelerates their development and adds to the ability of the group. Upper elementary students learn to play  in solo, small ensemble, and large ensemble settings and continue to develop their skill in singing and basic music theory. 

Middle School students choose to participate as part of the Middle School Ensemble, which has representation from all traditional instrument families, and is the most advanced group at HMS, as well as participate in creative expression opportunities where they, in concert with a skilled faculty member,  set the course for the area in music they wish to explore. Topics for creative expressions have included basic guitar performance, small group singing, sound recording, among many others. Participation in music  for middle school students helps to develop leadership, responsibility, confidence and a sense of greater purpose that encapsulates the aim of education at HMS.  

"I chose Hudson Montessori School for three of my children because HMS offers each child a personal, individualized educational program that brings out the best of their abilities and personalities, while respecting their learning styles. After attending other public and private schools, I am certain that HMS has the most challenging curriculum available across all subject areas. The warm, safe, and peaceful environment and loving staff have become part of our extended home and family." (HMS Parent)

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