About Montessori

The Montessori Method of Education:

  • emphasizes the development of the potential of each individual child
  • takes place in a nurturing child-centered community 
  • builds upon the child's interests and encourages him/her to explore and discover 
  • exposes a child to a rich broad-based, developmental curriculum 
  • occurs in a mixed-age classroom which offers an opportunity for peer mentoring, collaborative work, and social interaction 
  • is guided by a specially trained Montessori teacher who aims to help the child develop confidence and self-esteem, a joy and enthusiasm for learning, and a sense of care and respect for others 

The Characteristics of  Montessori Classroom

  • Multi - age classrooms 
  • Individually paced learning 
  • Teachers as Guides, not "instructors"
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Prepared environment
  • Applied learning and projects
  • Emphasis on intrinsic motivation
  • Long work periods and self-directed learning
  • Friendships, Life Skills, and Community.  

The Montessori method has withstood the test of time and today it is considered a premier alternative learning program. Children who have attended a Montessori school are more confident in their abilities, motivated to achieve new levels of knowledge and have a love of learning.

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