Recognizing their importance in the development of the whole child, the arts are a fundamental part of the HMS curriculum and student experience.  A dedicated art studio is a laboratory for exploration and creativity, fostering observation, dedication, experimentation, and an appreciation for beauty.

"The child is directed by a mysterious power, great and wonderful, that he incarnates little by little....he does it with his hands, by experience, first in play, then through work.  The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence." 

Art at HMS provides an opportunity for students to experience the delight, wonder, and self assurance that comes with creative accomplishment. Creative thinking and problem solving enhance learning in all subject areas. A wide range of materials, approaches, subject matter, and artists are explored.  In the classroom, art is woven into the curriculum and is often the way in which students communicate their ideas about a subject. Throughout the curriculum, art appreciation and art history are integrated into the curriculum areas.  Students examine the role of art in our history and study individual artists as well as styles.   

The Hudson Montessori School Ceramics Studio provides a place where clay, creativity and community meet!

The studio was established Spring 2016 by the generous donations of families and friends of HMS.  The studio is well equipped with three Brent wheels for throwing clay, a large Skutt kiln for firing and countless tools for hand building.

In its short tenure, the ceramics studio has been utilized by summer camps, after- school clubs and our art program.   An open studio is offered to allow students to use ceramics as part of their follow-up to their classroom work.   For example, Upper Elementary students tried their hand at cuneiform, ancient writing from Mesopotamia, created in clay.   Other students have created clay vessels for their projects.   Even the youngest students have come to the studio to make napkin rings as part of their lunch table settings.

It’s a wonderful place for a creative adventure where you can observe the miracle of turning mud into objects! This includes faculty/staff and “adult nights” for parents. 

Clay covered hands, open minds and happy hearts.

"We cannot 'teach' a child to be an artist (or musician), but we can help him develop:

An eye that sees
A hand that obeys
A soul that feels."
                               ~Maria Montessori

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