Upper Elementary

The Upper Elementary program builds on the content of the Lower Elementary global curriculum, expanding students’ awareness of their place in society and the world’s history. Students continue to pursue deep understanding of topics, delve deeply into work, and develop intense concentration. Students also  work collaboratively, inspiring and supporting one another in their learning. An inquiry- and discovery-based approach allows students to develop their research, reasoning, and communications skills. Time management, organization, and setting reasonable, responsible goals are a priority.   

At HMS children become comfortable navigating the world, not just the classroom, and learning is not limited to the resources of the classrooms.  Students "Go Out" into the world to learn more about a particular topic when their quest for understanding requires more than the resources of the classroom. Students plan and prepare for the outing,  conduct themselves with dignity while out in public, and return to share their research with the rest of the class. Each Going Out is an entire course of study on independence, responsibility, and good citizenship —to say nothing of the intellectual rewards and real-world preparation that children get from such experience.

Independence in action and thought, a sense of moral and social justice, curiosity, and a deep and abiding confidence and love of learning are the outcome of the Upper Elementary program.

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