Lower Elementary

Passionately interested in the world around them, students in the Lower Elementary classrooms are excited and ready to learn.  Given an open and responsive environment, the opportunities for learning and exploration are limitless.  Students are joyful, focused and enthusiastic as they engage in research and more expansive studies in the areas of mathematics, geometry, literature and language, history, geography, and science (botany, zoology, physics, astronomy).  Adults in the Lower Elementary classroom act as guides that inspire, igniting excitement and passion within the students and leading children to ask questions and discover the answers.  The focus is not on the memorization of facts, but rather the understanding of concepts and how to learn.

Elementary children have a strong drive to be social and to collaborate.  Many  lessons and follow-up projects in elementary are done in pairs or groups of children.  Note the hum of activity in the classroom as students learn with and from each other.  

Spanish, art, music, and physical education contribute to a well-rounded experience in the Lower Elementary classrooms.   

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