“It is true that the child develops in his environment through activity itself, but he needs material means, guidance and an indispensable understanding. It is the adult who provides these necessities.”

– Maria Montessori (1956)

Portrait of a Hudson Montessori School Teacher

We are committed
to the successes of each child along the continuum of growing, learning and development.

We value and expect continuous personal and professional growth to benefit ourselves, our Montessori family, and the greater community.

Teachers at Hudson Montessori School have a deep love of knowledge with a continual desire to enhance their professional knowledge.

We are forward global thinkers who consider past to inform present and create to express the future.

We clearly communicate with students, staff, parents, and volunteers.

We believe in the prepared teacher and the prepared environment.

We encourage, support and direct independence and self evaluation/reflection, both from ourselves and from the child.

We interact with the staff, students, and parents with civility, acknowledging differences and celebrating specialness.

We are comforting and accepting, excited and energetic, placing emphasis where needed.

We are inspiring, empathetic and judicial, encouraging and modeling communication and fairness to the children.

We embrace each child in our care, which includes every child within the school community (past and present).

We respect the emotional intelligence of the child.

We reveal strengths of the child aiding them in taking ownership and responsibility for his/her self.

We assist the parents in looking at the long view, the continuum of learning and development for their child.

We are welcoming to members of the community who want to give back to our children, inviting grandparents and community members to positively interact with the children guiding them through stories, shared reading, unique skills and life experiences.

We value the teacher/parent relationship and work together to guide the child in becoming a self-directed life-long learner.

We are committed to the common goal of education of the child within the global community.

We believe in the potential of each child.

Developed by the Hudson Montessori School Faculty and Staff
January 2011

Hudson Montessori School

7545 Darrow Road
Hudson, Ohio 44236

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