Hudson Montessori and Competition - Go Owls Go!!
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"A person grows as a unity...The realization of one's own value is just the thing that urges to association, because he who is conscious of his values is victorious over life. He is an energy."  

Maria Montessori - From Childhood to Adolescence

There seems to be a myth that competition and physical/athletic endeavors are not an important part of a Montessori education.   There may be some confusion between a focus on the process - breaking down an activity into steps and skills to be mastered as an individual and as a team - over a focus on the end result, or "score."   Precision and perfecting of the former inevitably leads to the latter.   This is definitely a continuation of what is occurring in the classroom, where process and an evaluation of one's commitment to it is highly valued.

It is the difference between asking a young player "how did you play today (as a team and as a player)?" versus "did you win today's game?"   The kids tend to keep score in their heads, so dwelling on winners and losers in a contest doesn't hold as high a priority - although there is always lots of excitement and enthusiasm when a game is well played.

Keeping the youngster's energy moving in a positive direction, pushing through even when tired, fine tuning skills, and understanding each team member's contributions are very important parts of the process-oriented character building that evolves.  By holding true to fine-tuned processes, we have seen many HMS alumni balance successful high school academic AND athletic endeavors.  

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“This school has not only made me the student I am today, but the person. I think that the most positive part about the Hudson Montessori education is that it was not only a wonderful place to learn, but also the school allowed me to be who I am as a person and taught me life-long values that most would think education could never accomplish.” 
 ~HMS Graduate

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