Affording a Hudson Montessori School Education

At Hudson Montessori School, we are committed to supporting our families. Our Financial Aid program is one aspect of this support.

Financial Aid is available to the families of all current and prospective HMS students who demonstrate need. Many factors go into determining financial need including the difference between the costs of a school and the family's ability to pay for these expenses. Regardless of need, all families that receive tuition assistance contribute to the cost of tuition.

To ensure objectivity, HMS uses FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) to evaluate applications. FAST provides a need-based financial aid analysis service which includes recommendations of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. This is forwarded to our Financial Aid Committee for review. A determination is made by the committee and the family is then notified. All information is held in strict confidence.

Financial aid grants are awarded on a one-year basis. Families who have applied in the past must reapply each year.

Is my family eligible for Financial Aid?

Many factors go into determining whether a family demonstrates the need for Financial Aid. Family income, net worth, assets, debt, the number of children in tuition-charging schools, and family circumstances are some of the many factors. Awards are based on the relative need of the families that have applied and on the funds available.

Deadlines for Financial Aid Applications

Families may submit the Financial Aid applications and supporting documents starting December 15, 2013. The deadline for submitting the application and supporting materials to FAST is February 21, 2014. (Applications received after the February 21st deadline will be considered pending available funds.)

Rolling Admission: Families new to HMS who are applying after the deadline must submit the online FAST application and supporting tax documents at the same time as the admission application.

Please contact Michelle Lazor, Director of Admissions, admissions@hudsonmontessori.org (330.342.9334) with questions regarding Financial Aid.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

1. Click here to go to the FAST website and fill out an application.

2. Applications are made on-line and are self-guided. You may navigate in and out of the program allowing you to partially complete an application and go back to it at another time. Online e-mail and 24/7 helpline is provided.

3. Submit application by February 21st. The charge for the application is $36.00 - to be paid by credit card at the end of the session. If you do not have a credit card, please contact Lori McConnaughey, Business Mgr., busgmr@hudsonmontessori.org, or Kay Doerrer, Accounting Mgr, acctng@hudsonmontessori.org.

4. After completing the online application, you will be required to mail, fax or upload supporting documents to FAST no later than February 21, 2014:

* A copy of both parent's or guardians' 2012 Federal and State tax returns with all schedules and W-2's to:

FAST Processing, ISM, 1316 North Union Street, Wilmington DE 19806-2594

* The Supplemental Information Form which will be provided by FAST upon completion of the on-line application

5. Include Hudson Montessori School on the outside of the envelope to ensure faster processing of your application.

Completion of process: Financial Aid determinations are made by March 10th. Families are notified by the Admissions Office by letter at that time. Applications received after the February 21st deadline will be considered pending available funds.

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