“At Hudson Montessori, learning is more like a grand adventure. It’s a quest for knowledge.”

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What is a Hudson Montessori education?

A Hudson Montessori School education is an education for life.   While it is difficult to imagine the world today’s children will enter as adults, we know that creativity and innovation, collaboration and communication, a deep and abiding respect for the importance of relationships, and one not often mentioned – wonder – will be hallmarks of successful world citizens. 

A Hudson Montessori School education builds a foundation that fosters the development of happy, joyful students who know how to learn.  They are able to think critically, collaborate, find creative solutions to challenges, and communicate powerfully.  At HMS these characteristics are carefully developed through a Montessori curriculum and environment that emphasizes active engagement, independence, intellectual curiosity, intrinsic motivation, and a true sense of community.  

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Portrait of a Hudson Montessori School Graduate

  • Grace & Courtesy Grace, courtesy, and civility are the foundations for intellectual and moral growth in Montessori. Dedication to caring for self, for each other, and for the environment as students work, play, and study together results in an unparalleled depth of ethics and character.
  • Inspired Learning Captivating lessons, fascinating materials, and motivated faculty inspire students to be curious, self-confident, eager and energetic learners. HMS students learn how to learn and are challenged to reach their highest potential.
  • Foundation for the Future Confident, intellectually curious, focused, and engaged, HMS graduates are prepared to thrive in the most rigorous public and private high schools and universities – and in life. Each is determined, and able, to leave their mark on the world – and will.

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“Hudson Montessori guided my education towards developing an open-minded perspective in all aspects of my life as well as a curiosity and passion for the interconnectedness of the world.”

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